So You downloaded and installed the MintCoin Wallet?

Great the next step is to get the blockchain synced so that your wallet is are up to date and that you can recieve MintCoin (MINT). 

There are at the moment two options do this

1. Let the wallet sync by itself

Just start the wallet and let it sync the blockchain.

If you choose this option be aware that MintCoin is an "old" coin, and has a large blockchain. The fastes sync noted by one of our community members was around 11 days.

2. Download the bootstrap and copy it in your MintCoin directory

We distribute monthly snapshots of our blockchain throught torrent.just follow the published at RESOURCES -> MintCoin BootStrap Torrent

The snapshot is taken from one of the MintCoin dev's Personal Wallet.

We recommend that you only download the torrentfile throug this site and not by links handed over by other sources


Bootstrap location


This should open your favourite Torrent Downloader just let it run until you recieved the complete file.

We also appreciate that you keep "seeding" this file in your Torrent Client for 45 days to support the other MintCoin users that downloads the bootstrap.

Don't worry the download will be automaticly be invalid after 45 days when a new a bootstrap is published


Make sure that the MintCoin wallet is not running

Now open the installation directory of MintCoin.

Always backup your wallet.dat file to a safe location before proceeding overwriting files.

The location of the bootstrap is depending of your Operating system.

MintCoin Bootstrap Location


 Operating System

Default Location





mac OS

 ~/Library/Application Support/MintCoin/


Now unzip the downloaded file in this directory.

Start MintCoin Wallet and let it Synchronize the missing days

Or you can watch this instructional video






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