MintCoin development is not dead, just resting.

It has been just over a month since the last development update. Your intrepid author has been distracted by things, so progress has been slow. Fear not! Some work has been done, and we will try to pick up the pace in the future.

Yet Another MintCoin Exchange

The altilly exchange carries MintCoin, with BTC, ETH, LTC, and even USDT pairs available.

It looks very cool.

Code Changes

EuroCentium has been working on the user interface of the wallet, and put together a presentation with possible ideas for changes. These improvements can probably be done without code changes, which means that designers do not necessarily need to depend on programmers to help with the wallet.

EuroCentium has also submitted a proposed default MintCoin.conf to be used in new setups. This addresses an open issue:

Release Status

Somewhat embarrassingly no progress has been made on the release.

Efforts to push binaries from Travis CI to another host for packaging need a bit of reorganization, since the pull request for anything containing secrets (the user name and password of the destination in this case) has to come from the repository itself. Once that is done then we can get back to packaging and testing the wallet release.

Bring back that Minty feeling,
Shane Kerr

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