Bounty has been claimed by unnamed exchanged

Bounty has been claimed by unnamed exchanged

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MintCoin is a community coin which means that there is no bucket of MintCoin or any other crypto hidden in our garden to invest in advertising and fees for listing on exchanges. In fact the exchanges that we are listed on now do this for free or this was a gift from a community member.

The dev's and admins that maintain MintCoin since 2014 are all unpaid volunteers and do that in their free time from home.

For this bounty competition we prefer that you register the donation transaction through an account on

If you don't have an account then just register yourself it is free. Use the same username as your twitterhandle so that we can let the world know that you are supporting us. and that we can keep you up to date what is happening around this project.

There is a dynamic tweet feed with an @ "yourusername" mention in the tweet depending on the amount of the donation (min. 1000MINT).

Competitition Rules:

The competition will end after 90 days or whenever a claim for the bounty was received from an exchange.

The funds will be transferred to the developer fund If  the bounty was not claimed after 90 days end the competitioin will start over again. 

For exchanges:

You  can claim the raised bounty in exchange for listing with at least 1 trade pair against (BTC, LTC, USDT, DOGE) and all the benefits that comes with your general "1 tradepair listing package".

Your exchange must be visible & active on coingecko or coinmarketcap with a daily volume of at least 1 BTC.

When you claim this bounty the "Funding amount" will be adjusted to the current bounty amount and this entry will be rebranded with you logo and name to start crowfdfunding the other tradingpairs. Your exchange will be mentioned in our twitterfeeds and other social media.

raised of 500,000.00MIN
Days left
Funding type: FLEXIBLE
This project will receive all of the funds invested by 14 December 2044.

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