MintCoin-Pi: Run MintCoin on an Orange Pi 2

MintCoin-Pi: Run MintCoin on an Orange Pi 2

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MintCoin-Pi is an official operating system pre-installed with a MintCoin-Wallet. (Hardware is not included)


Why is this project Important for MintCoin?

A Single Board Computer (SBC) running the MintCoin Wallet is the most energy efficient solution that we can think off. The SBC can be online for 24/7 with a power usage between 4/5 Watts. This board can be used as a building block for Point-of-Sale, 24/7 Minting, Cold Wallet, etc...


Orange Pi Plus 2E is one of the most powerful boards on the market for its price. It features a 1.6GHz AllWinner H3 SoC, 2GB RAM, 16GB Samsung eMMC, a built-in Wi-Fi module (RTL8189ETV) and a Raspberry Pi compatible GPIO header. In addition to its technical specifications, what makes this board interesting is that it was designed based on requests by the developers of Armbian, a Debian-based Linux distro for single-board computers.


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