MintCoin Press Room Membership

MintCoin offers a select group of media channels a head start in MintCoin news about developments releases, campaigns and so on.


We strongly believe that that all media channels like YouTube channels, cryptocurrency news sites, Twitter Accounts, cryptocurrency FaceBook pages and so on have an equal importance in bringing the news to the public. And to gather all those sources in one place we created a press room account on this news site where you can get update's on future releases and developments weeks before the actual release. This way you can prepare your press release adequate.

How to get Press Room Membership?

The MintCoin PressRoom membership is free to all, but there are some terms and conditions to become and to stay member of our Press Room.

Terms and Conditions Press Room Membership

  • Registration is mandatory to be able to login into our news website.
  • Send a mail from to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting membership for the Press Room with a list of Channels that you will use to publish MintCoin News.
  • Comply to our Code of Conduct which you can find here
  • MintCoin can revoke your membership without any prior notice or explanation.
  • By becoming a Press Room Member you agree to a Non Disclore Agreement between MintCoin and yourself not to release news before the official release date which will be marked on top of the article as RELEASE DATE
  • Being accepted as a Press Room member by the development  / news team.
  • MintCoin will make the News Article also public on the same RELEASE DATE


Breaching the Terms and Conditions will have no financial consequences, but your Press Room Membership will be revoked without prior notice and/or explanation






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